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Spring is coming!

Here in Randolph, spring is truly on the way. The sweet smell of maple sap boiling is winding down, but still present. Be sure to get some of that wonderful local syrup and maple products. I heard a white throated sparrow this week while walking our dog and the robins are back. There were ski tracks in Great Gully (the "7") but the snow here is the valley is slowly melting.

As you know from the April Mountain View, our community has been full of loss this fall and winter, young and old. It is hard to imagine not seeing our friends and neighbors as everyone begins getting out and about with the spring weather. It brings home how important it is to celebrate and treasure our friendships and community.

Hoping to broaden the sense of community and reconnect with friends and neighbors, the Foundation Board decided at our last meeting to begin thinking ahead to the Town's 200th anniversary in 2024. The fledgling committee is chaired by Sarah Gallop. She has plans to reach out to the other organizations in town to include the many facets that make Randolph such a wonderful place. Stay tuned to the various publications for more information & how you can join in.

Your Board continues to move forward with our other duties - grants, scholarships, Ravine/Durand Recreational Area. Never hesitate to contact a member with ideas and/or concerns. Once again, thank you for supporting your Foundation. We could never do what we do without both your financial and physical help.

Barbara Arnold

The Randolph Foundation was created, and is sustained, by the residents and friends of Randolph, New Hampshire. The Foundation supports the needs of Randolph and its neighboring towns in a variety of areas including conservation, communication, education, recreation, town history, leadership, health and welfare, and other important issues as determined by the Board of Directors and the Randolph community.


In 1960, the Ravine House, a well-known North Country Inn, closed its doors. A group of Randolph citizens formed a community foundation to preserve the Ravine House property from private development by placing it in a trust. The original incorporators were Douglas Horton, Gordon Lowe, Miriam Underhill, James Alexander and Katherine Wood. Hershner Cross was appointed auditor.

In 1966, 51 acres, including the swimming pool, park and Durand Lake were deeded to the town of Randolph. That same year the Randolph Foundation began an educational scholarship program that provided a scholarship to any Randolph resident for post secondary education. The Foundation also pledged to support the maintenance and upkeep of the swimming pool, the Ravine House site, Lake Durand and the tennis court.

In 1987, Hershner Cross, President, along with the other directors of the Randolph Foundation reaffirmed that the priorities of the Foundation should be; educational scholarships, up keep of the Ravine House pool and site, Durand Lake, support for the elderly, support for the town cemetery, and compiling the town's historical records.

In 1989, the Katherine Wood Memorial Program was established providing matching grants to senior citizens for the Lifeline Emergency Response system.

In 1990, Hershner Cross created the Bowers-Cross Memorial Fund of the Randolph Foundation to fund The Mountain View, the Randolph Weekly, and/or successor publications. These publications were to be distributed free of charge to Randolph residents.

The Randolph Foundation has made significant grants over the years to support the bridges, shelters and camps of the Randolph Mountain Club. In 2010, The Foundation worked in partnership with the Mountain Club and the Town of Randolph to purchase the Mt. Crescent Trailhead property. The Foundation has also made gifts to support the purchase of the Randolph Forest and shelving for the new Randolph Library.

The Randolph Foundation Priorities:


The Foundation funds the quarterly Mountain View which is sent to over 700 homes, The Blizzard, which is sent to 200 local residents in the winter and The Randolph Weekly which is distributed every Friday during the months of July and August. See our publications page....


Since 1966, the Randolph Foundation has awarded scholarships to eligible Randolph residents to pursue their studies at the post-secondary level. See our scholarship page for details.


The Foundation awards grants for special projects that benefit the Town, its residents and the surrounding communities. View our Grant Guidelines here....


The Foundation supports the Lifeline service which equips the user with a lightweight button for emergency use. This service, which connects to the New England Emergency Response System, provides residents access to help immediately in an emergency. More information about Lifeline here....

Ravine House Site/Durand Lake

The Randolph Foundation oversees and supports the yearly mowing around Durand Lake and the Ravine House site as well as maintenance of the tennis court and the Ravine House pool. Read more about the Recreation area here...

Durand Lake
Lake Durand Photo taken by Mary Gail Scott

The Foundation can be reached by mail at:
Randolph Foundation
PO Box 283
Gorham, NH 03581

Or by email at:

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