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Since 1966, the Randolph Foundation has awarded scholarships to eligible Randolph residents to pursue their studies at the post-secondary level. The Foundation recognizes any courses at an accredited institution that provides undergraduate and/or graduate work. Undergraduate students who are officially enrolled in a course of study, upon submitting all needed application forms, will receive $650.00 per semester, and undergraduate students who maintain a G.P.A. of 3.2 or above, will receive $800.00 per semester, again on submitting the appropriate documentation.

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Graduate School

Fall 2015 Scholarships

Grad students:

Fall 2014 Scholarships

Scholarships 2013-14 Year

Scholarship Recipients - Spring 2013

Rachel Ross (Franklin Pierce University)
Daniel Temme (St. Lawrence University)
Rachel Kenison (White Mountain Community College)
Catherine Temme (Emmanuel College)
Sarah Brockett (Colby College)
Libby Ouellette (Lyndon State College)
Nathalie Ouellette (Norwich College)
Corey Gagnon (University of Kentucky)

Scholarship Recipients - Fall 2012:

Undergraduate Studies:
Sarah Brockett - Junior - Colby College Honors
Catherine Temme - Sophomore - Emmanuel College Honors
Rachel Ross - Sophomore - Franklin Pierce (transfer from WMCC)
Dan Temme - Freshman - St. Lawrence University
Tyler Binette - Freshman - Keene State College
Rachel Kenison - Freshman - White Mountains Community College
Graduate Level:
Corey Gagnon - Phd candidate - University of Kentucky
Tami Hartley - Master's Degree Graduate - Springfield College* *Final Semester

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