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apple tree in randolph
photo by: K. Newell Eitel

The Randolph Foundation Scholarship

Since 1963, the Randolph Foundation has awarded scholarships to eligible Randolph residents to pursue their studies at the post-secondary level. The Foundation recognizes any courses at an accredited institution that provides undergraduate and/or graduate work. Undergraduate students who are officially enrolled in a course of study, upon submitting all needed application forms, will receive a base scholarship of $1,700 annually, based on a 2-semester academic year full-time course of undergraduate study, not to exceed $6,800. Beginning at the second term of the first year of study, an undergraduate whose GPA (grade point average) is 3.2 or higher for that semester will receive $1,000 to be used for the following semester, based on a 2-semester academic year. Graduate students receive a flat scholarship of $1,500 annually for a full-time course of graduate study not to exceed three (3) years.

Spring 2021 Scholarships


Fall 2021 Scholarships


Scholarships Archives

Scholarship Guidelines and Application (60 KB pdf).

Randolph Foundation Grants

The Randolph Foundation was created, and is sustained, by the residents and friends of Randolph, New Hampshire. The Foundation supports the needs of Randolph and its neighboring towns in a variety of areas including conservation, communication, education, recreation, town history, leadership, health and welfare, and other important issues as determined by the Board of Directors and the Randolph community.

All persons and/or organizations that have projects in these focus areas are encouraged to submit an application.

Click here for grant guidelines (25KB pdf).

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